Keyword Suggestion Tool


You are seeing an experiment here. We used machine learning on millions of microstock asset metadata to generate keywords for different asset types based on a title and/or description.

Those keywords will never be 100% perfect or all make sense, but they may help you find things you overlooked or just select what makes sense for your images, videos or whatever.

Please test these tools and let us know what you think!

Get keyword suggestions for various asset types by just entering a title and/or description:

Hundreds of files to keyword?

Generate a simple CSV file, set some options and get a keyworded CSV file returned within seconds.
Just use our microstock keyword CSV batch suggestion tool

Need keywords that sell?

Or try our microstock photo keyword research to find new interesting keywords that sell!

Keyword Suggestions

Asset type Keywords
Image healthcare care medical red prevention hospital charity medicine world flag tablets background health symbol help disease sickness white treatment bottle tissue virus illness war shape pollution human social union danger old love ribbon blue island romance community epidemic signs concept national land finland earth pregnant day pregnancy protective celebrate hiv glass romantic ill raster pharmacist campaign sign transmitted narcotic map medication illustration aids tree word nurse infection terrible age material awareness nature landscapes eu protection isolated nations alcohol support stethoscope calendar globe celebration relationship pharmacy needles science drug respect healthy fabric panorama diagnosis typography blood capsule cancer valentine pills heart
Vector health medical world symbol vector human cancer care prevention illustration awareness assistance safety background protection red sign global protect ribbon positive healthy syndrome cure planet hiv sick virus treatment disease support life hope poster environment earth april social medicine day blue help surgery immune security icon map banner concept first stop fly protective may man solidarity drop damaged design abstract globe caution worldwide element ecological blood charity web green white beauty aids ill eco box infection oncology fight recovery isolated card survivor love rubber silhouette media guard death graphic science reminder dove hurt people capsule tribute sexual concern action wallpaper
Video world spain high ultra porto aids symbol hd mexico globe illness 3d mask skeletal bacteria 1080p green blue rub third icon send olympics bacterial result international awareness first sign f1 hallway assistance red spike bikers simulation kong advice contraception switzerland catalan disease figure bouncing ribbon 4k royal africa magnet help body sky health safety legislative animation country cartoon haven shaved sacrifice earth concept risk sphere trend atlas pressure saving journey sportsmen us float map signs hiv continent inner fold golf afghan nubes stripes advertising fighter prevent symbolic protest nationalism observation x-ray competing knocking forward sunshine mary promenade china ranking shape
Illustration urgent day green earth isolated word text disease event nature global health three-dimensional white good protection month concept render ecology person holiday signs rendering first alternative play sky paper delivery freedom adult illustration medicine red war globe care life 2 danger hand grass yellow colourful stack date rise advertisement calendar natural accurate donate truck america rescue leaf climate symbol people aids emergency human background prevention environment welfare children break banner help control international social narcotic crowd black choice man reminder meadow organiser pump luck stop patient nourishment crisis disaster city world hope drawn downfall separate ecological hiv watercolor june healthy