Keyword Suggestion Tool


You are seeing an experiment here. We used machine learning on millions of microstock asset metadata to generate keywords for different asset types based on a title and/or description.

Those keywords will never be 100% perfect or all make sense, but they may help you find things you overlooked or just select what makes sense for your images, videos or whatever.

Please test these tools and let us know what you think!

Get keyword suggestions for various asset types by just entering a title and/or description:

Hundreds of files to keyword?

Generate a simple CSV file, set some options and get a keyworded CSV file returned within seconds.
Just use our microstock keyword CSV batch suggestion tool

Need keywords that sell?

Or try our microstock photo keyword research to find new interesting keywords that sell!

Keyword Suggestions

Asset type Keywords
Image medical hospital medicine screen doctor design health treatment white technology background illness computer equipment sterile care blue stethoscope clinic examination media digital pharmacy illustration blank phone diagnosis concept art book tablet tool service business pc black hand ill document patient work pen plasma communication modern display page surgeon green healthcare mobile room biology test frame professional clinical exam instrument table paper social drug specialist text diagnose pattern office graphic science write electronics analysing notebook abstract icon notepad general heart practitioner pad prescription template nurse physician medic writing element school list examining record oral creativity research device cardiology working collection surgery
Vector health medical medicine clinic vector hospital care design icon help illustration web media technology abstract line symbol marketing background doctor aid science emergency stethoscope template graphic cross social element rescue support medic isolated patient healthcare set herbal service cover banner healthy white collection blank chemistry research sign identity heal human style clinical company injured surgery modern pattern dna drugstore concept medication business art drug website capsule digital three-dimensional booklet urgency outline pharmaceutical pharmacy flat page brochure chart presentation trendy people treatment remedy apothecary staff pain decoration creative nurse cure logotype disease rod transfusion sample internet illness community simple assistance heartbeat
Video medical digital health clinic green laboratory lab computer communication concept background surgery healthcare news hospital modern data x-ray text graphic tablet monitor screen bulb equipment art accountant medicine creative remedy dental illustration tool abstract futuristic doctor multimedia biology therapy pharmaceutical healthy wireless set design lake video table media e-mail white space conference hand chart science sterile work touch template phone animal europa display online old object blood nurse beatiful symbol scan gadget circle blue image communicate water business wi-fi woman web duck film print nature touching examination pc reading finger wave graphics leaf preparation ray innovation summer marketing datum line
Illustration medicine disease medicals background design health digital illustration doctor concept science white therapy abstract hospital analysis cover colours art creative three-dimensional line mobile element blue vitamin tablet decoration light care green black laboratory sharpened disorder geometric blurred isolated education dynamic make space colourful school system book injection wing wallpaper scientific web trendy symbol research teacher graphic flower cube decorative technology angel first treatment hexagon futuristic epidemic form structure board live paper healthy classic diagram trend open mathematic stomach square linear pill protection pharmacy modern blossom business luxury educational fantasy prevention presentation idea clinic computer studying molecular signs pink effect single