Frequently Asked Questions

Do you store my files?

No, we don't store your files. Your files are stored by you in your personal Dropbox account in a sandboxed folder that we can access. We store some of the metadata of you files (file names, size, id) that helps us complete the job and show you the state of your uploads.

How do you store FTP credentials to other parties (ie. stock photo agencies)?

We don't store any of your third party credentials on our servers or in our database. When you enter them in, we store them in a file in your Dropbox.

What happens when I cancel my account?

Upon termination of your account, we will delete all the data on our server. We will not touch the files in your Dropbox. We strongly recommend that you revoke access to the app on, so any access token we once stored become useless. Dropbox will ask you if you want to keep or delete the data you stored in's folder at that time.

If you have purchased any of our paid plans all the purchased quota will be deleted and you're not elegible for any refund.

What data do you store of me?

We store only information you use to register to - your email address, name and your chosen password (which is encrypted). To access your Dropbox account, we store an access token and Dropbox user id. We also store the name and size of the files we are syncing for you as well as the state of the upload to each of your agencies for our and your analysis. We don't store any billing information in our database. All the payments are managed by

How secure is to distribute my files to third party FTP accounts using your app?

At least as secure as you would FTP them by yourself. Your data is uploaded securely to your Dropbox and we distribute it directly from the cloud to all your FTP accounts. FTP is an insecure protocol though, we just make "the last mile" shorter, faster and more reliable.

Do I need pro or business Dropbox account?

No, a free account is perfectly fine. As long as the space available in your Dropbox account is suitable for yor needs, we are fine with it.

What file types your support?

For now we support photos, vectors and zip files (.jp[e]g, .eps, .zip) up to 30 MB and video files (.mp4 .mov .mpg .mpeg .avi .flv .asf) up to 4GB!

There were problems while distributing my files

There are many reasons why an upload can go wrong. A FTP server might be unreachable or misconfigured, your credentials might be wrong, Dropbox might be temporarily unreachable, ... Many of those errors are only temporary and will continue retrying to upload files to each agency again and again.
Errors due to wrong data in your credentials will keep occurring until you fix them.

How can I see the progress?

Our photo upload page shows the details of the last hundred files. While there are still active uploads pictures are inside the syncing folder in Dropbox. Once a picture is uploaded to all your agencies, it is moved to a done folder.

My files seems like they're stuck and not moving anywhere ...

Sometimes we get more work and a lot of files to upload. In case queue is bigger than usual, you can follow Uploads page how many videos and photos are in current queue. Also, the more failed attempts an upload has already had, the longer we'll wait to try again. Be patient, your files are on track.

When can I delete files?

You can delete files in your Dropbox as soon as they appear in the done folder or opt-in that deletes them once they are successfully uploaded.

How does know which files to upload? only has access to a specific folder in your Dropbox account, which is Apps/ Inside this folder there is a folder called upload where you can create further subfolders if you like. For each agency, you can decide from which folder you want to upload from. Then just drag file into the correct folder and we'll know where to upload them to for you.

Is there a way I can disable the agency?

Yes you can create multiple upload folders and assign them to agencies - or not. So for any agency, you can decide if you want to upload from /upload or /upload/some_sub_folder or none at all.

No matter what you use case for any upload may be, just create a fodler for it and set it up for the correct agencies.

I moved files from the syncing folder and now weird things happen

Told you so, don't do that :P
Upload attempts will permantely fail, after all upload jobs for a file have failed, you can re-upload them.

My files are really stuck in the upload folder (and I see no queue)

  • Make sure that your files are directy in the upload folder or any of its subfolders.
  • Make sure, that the folder you used is actually linked to at least one agency. Otherwise, we'll move files to Abbs/ to keep your upload folder clean.
  • Please check the passwords and username again, especially if you're using for the first time. Not all the websites use the same username for ftp as for your account.
  • If you've moved files from syncing folder back to upload folder, you'll have to rename them as will search from them inside the syncing folder for awhile. Once they end up in done folder, you can freely move them back to upload without renaming.
  • If you see 553 error it means the path (aka folder you're sending your files to) is wrong - check with the agency what folder you have to upload the files to.

How do you calculate upload volume?

File size * number of successful uploads. So a 15MB file uploaded to 6 agencies will use 90MB of your upload volume.

Do you have a free plan?

All accounts get up to 1GB of upload volume for free in the beginning of every new month, so you can test risk free. You can buy more upload volume here

What happens with unused upload volume?

Unused upload volume never expires, so you can safely buy larger packages.
Unused upload volume can't be refunded.