CSV Batch Keywording Tool

Generate keywords from titles or descriptions and get them in CSV file.

This tool works on machine-learned models based on millions of stock image metadata. As with any machine-learning approach, the results will never be 100% perfect and always require manual filtering! So use at own risk and no complaining ;)

While we test this tool, it is absolutely free to use. Please help us improve it by leaving a short feedback!

Upload your CSV file here:

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How to CSV?

Pick an asset type and upload a CSV file (with up to 200 rows) in the following format (example in GoogleDoc ):

"File name","Title","Description"

(Title or Description can be empty). You can use Excel, Google Docs or anything else you like to create the file and export the sheet as CSV.
In return you'll get a CSV file with keywords added

"File name","Title (or blank)","Description (or blank)","keyword1 keyword2 keyword3..."