Fair pricing for every work style

With dropstock.io, we try to offer a simple but versatile tool that works for everyone.

This also goes for the pricing: You only pay for what you actually plan to use at very fair prices.

No monthly subscription, you can use you quota for any file type and any agency with a FTP server.


1 GB free top-up each month*

  • Test without risk
  • Start automating your work process now
  • Free forever!


25 GB get your material online reliably

  • For hundreds of photos to multiple agencies
  • Save hours of work for the price of a coffee
  • Never expires
$5 $0.20 per GB


250 GB for professional contributors

  • For hundreds of photos to many agencies
  • Cost-effective plan for many months
  • Never expires
$25 $0.10 per GB


2.5 TB for big agencies, HD videos

  • Upload hundreds of high-def videos
  • Great price per GB, very cost-efficient
  • Never expires
$125 $0.05 per GB
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* With the beginning of each month your upload volume is set to 1GB if it has dropped below.

Only pay for what you actually use. Upload volume is only used for successful uploads per agency.

Example: You upload a picture of 15 MB to six agencies. One agency's FTP server is not reachable.
Your volume will be reduced by 15 MB * 5 = 75 MB.
Once the sixth agency's uploads succeeds, another 15 MB will be subtracted from your volume.

What our users think

Hi Ana and Robert,

I’m travelling New Zealand since January and still able to upload thousands of my illustrations every month thanks to Dropstock. The tool became invaluable part of my workflow.

Thanks for this amazing tool.

Hey there,

we are testing Dropstock since yesterday. For now it seems like a great tool!

Hi Ana, Hi Robert,

thank you so much for your service! I love it, it makes my life so much easier.

I just wanted to say hi, and thank you for the dropstock. If u visit Istanbul someday, let me know :) id like to buy you dinner and beer.

Every day uploading content is going worse.. Thats why im trying new things and found your app. I think the idea behind dropstock is great.

Looks like a match made in heaven!

I have been hunting for a service like this for years! Thank-you so much for this!

Hi guys, dropstock.io seems to be a job well done!

I have been using dropstock for a few weeks. It's an amazing tool which save me hours of uploading time.

Hi there, I think I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again: Thank you very much for this great tool!!!

Very excited to start using this! Exactly what I've been looking for.. leaving Getty images and moving to multiple agencies - so I have 1000 video clips to do - 600 of which are 4K.. If it works you will be my heroes forever..